Why You Should Invest In Social Media for your Small Business

It’s clear social media plays a vital role in the majority of American lives. We have seen the studies and read the articles spelling out the ways social media can expand your business.

You already have a social media page for your small business. But between your busy day managing employees, filling orders, juggling finances and planning projects, you don’t get around to posting regularly.

In fact, you wonder, “Is investing time, energy and money into building my social media presence worth it?”

It is. Here’s why:

It’s where your customers are.

74% of online adults use social networking sites, according to a study conducted in September of last year. While Facebook has remained the most popular platform, multi-platform use is on the rise. Over half of online adults use two or more social media sites. And it’s not just young adults—56% of Internet users 65 and older (31% of the overall senior population) reported using Facebook.

People trust social media more than advertising.

Consumers don’t buy what businesses sell in advertisements. A survey done by the Reputation Institute found only 15% of people trust what companies communicate in advertising.

If a business has a strong social media presence, the public tends to trust them more. In a survey done of over 24,000 social media users, 71% of respondents said they trust Facebook for product/service recommendations.

Friend and family recommendations are everything.

No matter what study you find, the numbers are consistently overwhelming. People are going to trust the chiropractor their cousin or best friend told them to see before any advertisement. We trust those around us who know and love us.

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