New Instagram Business Tools

Instagram is rising as a powerful force in the social media world. At the end of last month, the company officially announced the upcoming launch of its new business profiles, analytics and advertisement tools for business users. With over 200,000 advertisers using Instagram to reach the app's 400 million users, it's becoming more important than ever to understand how to utilize this channel. 

Instagram announced three new features for businesses: 

1. Contact Button
Business profiles can choose how customers can get in touch with them: via telephone, text or email. This will include a "contact" button, as well as a way to get directions to the physical business. 

2. Advanced Analytics
Account insights allows businesses to see how they are increasing band awareness. Information about who their followers are and what posts resonate with those followers most will be accessable through the mobile app. This knowledge will allow for constant post analysis and improvement.

3. Convert Posts to Ads
Businesses will have the option to turn high-preforming posts into advertisements right within the mobile app. Simply choose a post that has already been shared on Instagram and add a button encouraging consumer action. Businesses can also select a target audience or allow Instagram to recommend one. The post can remain an active advertisement for as long as you choose. 

With these exciting changes happening to Instagram, I cannot wait to watch your small business soar! If you have any questions or would like more insight into social media marketing, contact me. I'm happy to chat. See you on Instagram!

All my best,