The Science of Going Viral

While a little luck helps viral phenomena spread the globe, there are also some techniques you can do to craft a post with a better chance of high traffic. Here are the elements involved in crafting popular posts:

1. Add a video or photo

Facebook algorithms favor visual media. If you want to reach a larger audience and encourage an increased interaction rate, add a photo or video to your post. You will automatically show up on more news feeds -- which means more likes, comments and shares. Be sure to balance fun and whimsical videos/pictures with business-related marketing ones. Positive, uplifting content always gets shared.

2. Look for trends

Right now anything DIY is huge. Tomorrow, it might be something else. This is where your market research comes in handy. Be sure to have an understanding of what is going viral right now. This goes for the general population as well as your target market. Know what your followers are interested in, what other companies in your industry are posting as well as what kinds of posts are going viral. Then tailor your posts accordingly.

2. Get personal

People love to interact with posts they can relate to. It's no mystery that you're a real person behind your small business. Don't be afraid to show your human side! Posts about your family or personal life, like the one from Mark Zuckerberg below, are heartwarming peeks into your life that all of your users will love. Don't overwhelm followers with endless advertising. Show them your humanity. But remember, there is a fine line between being relatable and getting too personal.

4. Tell a story

As we have explained in our earlier blog post, storytelling in social media is crucial to post success. People do not log on to social networking sites to see advertisements. They log on to connect with others, be inspired and engage in storytelling. Play to these desires by telling stories and encouraging your followers to tell theirs. It will create brand intimacy and spark advocacy and possibly trigger a viral post!

Don't just write content for the sake of writing content. Have a clear intention for every post you make. Be sure to target a high-arousal emotion to ensure the content resonates with followers and is shared. Be genuine, be current, be yourself and be a positive storyteller. The rest will fall into place.

All my best,