Write Better Facebook Posts

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape for consumers and businesses alike. Since its inception in 2004, interface updates and coding changes have meant consistent changes in strategy for businesses to get their posts noticed.

Here's how to write Facebook posts that will drive results:

1. Be succinct

Twitter should not be the only platform where you edit down posts to make every word count. With an ever-growing pool of businesses all vying for user attention, businesses do not have the luxury of writing a short story on Facebook posts. Although Facebook does not limit post lengths, you should limit your page updates to 200 characters. If it takes more than a couple sentences to get your point across, consider uploading a video or starting a blog instead. 

2. Utilize multimedia

All of the most successful and popularly shared Facebook posts have multimedia involved -- a picture, infographic or video. An engaging visual not only draws in viewers, but it plays to the Facebook algorithm well. According to Slate, live video is favored in the Live Feed above anything else. Everyone loves a good story. Even better than a written story is a picture or a video story (when it comes to Facebook, anyway). See our post about live video streams to learn how to host a live stream on Facebook. 

3. Add personality

Adding an emotional component to your page updates is what will drive engagement with your followers. People don't want to talk to robot-like businesses. They want to talk with real people that connect with their humanity. Show your personality. Add some humor. Give some thought-provoking insight. Pose a question. Be vulnerable. You started your business because you were passionate about it. Let that passion shine through in your Facebook posts. 

4. Always be improving

Besides keeping an eye on Facebook's internal analytical tool, there are plenty of outside resources to utilize. A great site to check out is Likealyzer. After simply plugging in your Facebook page url, you can view a summary of your post length and style, see what your followers responded to best, and see personalized recommendations based on your page's analytics. Your followers are constantly changing (along with the atmosphere of your business).

It's vital for you to be constantly monitoring yourself and finding new ways to make changes and improve based on what is working well (and what isn't working). There is no shame in taking risks and making mistakes! The only shame is from an unwillingness to improve. 

All my best,