Three Steps for Social Media Strategy

In these blog posts, I've often urged you all to create a social media strategy before choosing your platforms or doing any online posting. This week, I'd like to delve into this process a bit.

Developing a social media strategy is as complex as many other traditional business strategies, and they can take weeks to walk through the entire process. Here are the first three steps:

1. Your Goal

The best social media strategies are focused on a specific, attainable objective. What do you hope to accomplish with social media? Increased brand awareness or website traffic? Greater brand loyalty and customer retention? Outline your specific goal. This will the the bedrock of your campaign. 

2. Your Metrics

It's important to know how you will measure whether or not your efforts on social media are getting you closer to your goal. How will you measure ROI? For ideas, take a look at our post about social media metrics.

3. Your Heart

No matter what your small business is selling, your product or service alone will not be enough to create a stir. For example, a pet company's focus could be saving homeless pets. This is a cause that would appeal to the pet company's target demographic and kickstart passionate advocacy.

Once you've set your goal, metrics and human appeal, you're set to choose the social media channels and get into the nitty gritty of your campaign. I can't wait to see you online!

All my best,