Find Fresh Social Media Content

We've all been there. It's time to write another social media post. Stay current and set yourself up for high interaction:

1. Sign up for industry newsletters and email lists
A quick Google search will likely bring up several relevant organizations. Take advantage of free newsletters and email lists to stay up to date on happenings within your industry. Consider signing up for both national and local newsletters. Articles can be linked to, referenced/quoted or even directly reposted to your followers. 

2. Utilize content aggregation sites
Content aggregation is a collection of content from multiple online platforms. Sites like Alltop are highly useful tools for newer businesses looking to boost their online exposure and drive traffic to their blogs. Content aggregation collects a list of links, posts and online resources related to a specific category. Small businesses can use content aggregation to gather data about their industry or get their own website listed for other users. 

3. Create Twitter lists
Much like signing up for email lists and searching on content aggregation sites, Twitter lists are a great tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry. Re-tweet insightful and relevant tweets. Connect with industry peers and keep up with industry chatter. 

The bottom line: when you need inspiration, look to your industry peers, idols and followers! 

Good luck,