Social Media: How Personal is Too Personal?

Social media is a powerful tool to easily grow your small business and reach a global market that would otherwise be far from reach. It also allows you to reveal the human side of your small business. Brand trust is one of the key components of a successful social media campaign. But for some, finding the right balance of professionalism and honesty is tricky. This week we will give some explore the boundaries between what's too personal, what's not personal enough, and what's just right. 

We've all encountered companies that are not personal enough on social media. Their posts are perfectly articulated advertisements. The content is all obviously automated and repeated on every medium. There are little to no pictures or multimedia content--only dry, eerily perfect text accompanied by a link to their website. No engagement with followers. No humanity. 

Perhaps you have also seen posts from businesses that are so personal their posts make you uncomfortable. A picture of a messy house. Updates about their child's soccer game. These are things that will get you unfollowed quicker than you can say "oops!" So what is the right balance? How do you build a personable brand without being off-putting? 

It's not enough for businesses to be putting out traditional advertisements. The adult demographic has changed and so have expectations. People want a dialogue with their companies. They want to spend their money with businesses that support their values. And they want to feel comfortable with the businesses they support. Loyal customers and advocates feel personally connected to the brands they endorse. 

Winning social media campaigns include a personal aspect to their strategy. This could include a behind-the-scenes photo of the office dog, a video of an informal office get-together or a cheeky tweet about workday woes. Content like this generates high levels of engagement with followers. What's important is the balance between posts like these and "professional" posts that remind followers you are a legitimate business with a valuable product or service. 

Your business is your heart and soul. Give your social media some heart, without forgetting the sole purpose--attracting business and promoting your brand. 

All my best,