Facebook Live Streaming

Nearly a year ago this August, Facebook Live followed Meerkat and Periscope into the live video landscape. The platform was initially only open to celebrities, but by December it was open to everyone. 

Facebook Livestream allows followers and fans to connect, comment and share. Comments post live, allowing you to interact with followers in real-time. No edits. No filters. No captions. Just authentic content directly from your small business to your followers. 

Before you choose to utilize this fun communication tool, be sure to practice articulating your thoughts in front of a phone or computer camera. It might be helpful to have a list of topics or queues to refer to during the stream. This can be a great time to create connections with individual supporters by addressing viewers by name and responding to comments and questions. 

To begin a Facebook Livestream:

1. Click "Update Status"

2. Select "Live Video" Icon

3. Write a brief description
This will be the title of your video and appear in your news feed and in notifications to your audience. 

4. Choose the audience
You have the option to make the video available publicly, or select a specific group of viewers. 

As the live feed continues, Facebook will show the current number of live feed viewers, the name of people/pages viewing the feed, and any comments in real-time. 

Once the live feed is over, Facebook saves the content on your timeline just like any other video or photo. You can then edit the video or change the description as desired. And unlike Periscope, the video stays on your timeline forever! (Unless you choose to delete it.)

For a higher viewer turnout, Facebook recommends announcing your live stream in advance. Be sure to broadcast from a place with strong and reliable WiFi. There's no limits on time. Your only limit is your imagination (and camera quality).

Give a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Broadcast live events. Host interviews. Give a short Q & A. The possibilities are endless! 

Happy Streaming,