The Art of the Facebook Cover Photo

This week we explore the Facebook cover photo. It's truly an art form and an important part of your social media image as well as overall brand image. A messy or disheveled Facebook cover photo will give prospective clients the impression that your small business is unprofessional, unestablished and unworthy of their investment. 

Here are a few tips for designing a Facebook Cover Photo that will turn heads:

1. Less is More

The first component to a successful Facebook cover photo is simplicity. An image that is too complex and busy will distract and overwhelm viewers. Find a simple image that tells your story in a clear and professional way. Also, check out our social media image sizing chart to make sure the resolution is as high as possible. A blurry picture is just as distracting and unprofessional.

2. Show Don't Tell

Think of the cover photo space as bonus space. It's a chance for you to maximize your profile brand image. Show the world what your business is about. A (well-composed) picture that showcasing your food, colorful artwork or textile designs will welcome new website traffic, page likes and follows. Images can tell your story better than words.

3. Brand Coordination

The Facebook cover photo is an extension of the profile picture. It should be in line with your brand objectives, just as any images on your website would. For extra credit, go a step further and create a cover photo that directly coordinates with the profile picture. Use coordinating color schemes and images to promote a polished and professional look. 

When a new viewer visits your small business' Facebook page, you only have a few seconds to impress them. A simple, thoughtful, professional cover photo can be the deciding factor for a new page like and potential new customer. Be ready. And as always, contact the Cicero Media staff with any questions!