Social Media Tips for Startups

Social media is essential for the success of your new business. But how you approach this powerful online presence is just as important (maybe more important) than your decision to join. Here are some tips of the trade for startups:

1. Strategy First

You would never run a television or print marketing campaign without having a carefully drawn out marketing strategy first, would you? In the same way, don't make your first post on Facebook without first developing a social media marketing strategy. How will each post fit into your brand image and tone? What demographic are you targeting? What's the end goal? Consistency and intention are key to building a successful social media presence. 

2. Choose Wisely

Once you've outlined your social media strategy, you can choose the social media networks that are best for your new business. Facebook is a no-brainer for nearly every business, but Instagram is only ideal for businesses that are visually compelling (like retail, food service and creative arts). A financial planner might struggle to post images of his or her business, but could easily fill a twitter feed with engaging commentary.

3. Find Brand Ambassadors

Social media is not a one-way street. If you accomplish the task of reaching your audience, they will respond. Reach out to customers who are enthusiastic about your brand and inspire them to continue to market your new business. And don't just wait for people to come to you. Seek out influencers. Brand ambassadors are essential to social media success, especially in the early days of your online existence. 

4. Know Your Limits

All the parts in the process take time: creating a strategy, choosing the platforms, engaging with users, developing content, seeking out influencers ... know your limits. Consider hiring an expert to help manage your online presence.

A tactful approach to social media is essential for startup success. Put your best foot forward, and the rest will follow (like, share and retweet!)

Until next time,