Social Media Marketing Metrics

Social media marketing is an investment. And like any business expense, it is important to continuously measure the output. There are many internal and external tools available to help measure the success of old posts and strategize new ones. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytic tools used to report about website traffic and social media referrals. One unique feature of Google Analytics is the option to create custom dashboards to show only pertinent statistics. 

2. Buffer

We have written about Buffer in the past as a great tool for scheduling posts. Buffer is also great for link shortening as well as tracking the engagement each post generates.

3. Quintly

Quintly is a social media analytics tool that doubles as a benchmarking tool. Quintly tracks your social media marketing success and benchmarks the numbers against competitors. 

4. Klout

Klout measures overall brand influence by tracking the success of social media accounts in terms of your page followersโ€™ actions and engagement. Klout users are able to gain an understanding of their influence among key users. 

Social media analytics are essential for your continued success in the world of social media marketing! Contact us if you have any questions about your metric results or anything else social media related!

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