How to Win Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has the potential to more than double your page viewership and increase traffic to your website, thereby increasing your bottom line. Facebook advertising is not free. Use your money wisely and keep these tips in mind:

1. Target Almost-Customers

One way to send targeted ad messages to people who have come close -- but haven't quite pulled the trigger -- is to use website retargeting. Target all of the people who have visited the shopping page on your website, but have not yet completed their order. You can do this in your Facebook Ads Manager by clicking on campaigns > audiences > create audience > create custom audience > website traffic. Then put the pixel on your website and set up the custom audience. You can watch a great tutorial here

2. Narrow Using Interests

Before you even send out an ad, you can test it out using different audience interests. Once you've found the right combination of lookalike audience and interest, hit go and watch the cost per click/conversion decline. First go to targeting > new audience > custom audience and choose the lookalike audience you want to use. Then scroll down to detailed targeting and add specific interests to test. 

3. Use Detailed Targeting

This new Facebook advertising feature allows you to choose "must also match" interests, rather than just a bulk group of interests. The result is a more specific audience group that will respond more positively to your advertisement, again resulting in a reduction in click/conversion costs. To learn more, visit the Facebook tutorial page

There are so many exciting tools available to get your message to Facebook users and increase your consumer base. For more tips, continue checking back weekly for new blog posts. And as always, send a note if you would like to talk to us about how Cicero Media can help your small business grow. 

Until next time,