The Benefits of Video in Social Media

There is no way around it. Video is becoming the most important social media medium for business marketing. Whether you have chosen to focus your efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+, video is essential for your small business' social media marketing strategy. Here's why:

People are spending more time watching videos
For mobile phone internet users, the average amount of time spent viewing videos is over 40 minutes, which is double the averages for last year. YouTube commands the attention of over a billion users. And those numbers are turning into dollar signs for businesses. The number of YouTube channels earning a yearly six figure income has doubled. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all internet traffic.

Video is efficient and engaging
Online users have short attention spans. It's important your social media content is quick to capture and maintain attention, then hopefully inspire a repost. Video is the fastest way to deliver your message to more people. And if you're successful, your video goes viral

You will be remembered
Your video does not have to go viral for it to leave a lasting impact on your online viewers. According to Nielsen, short online video advertisements are more memorable than television ads for consumers across industries. Small businesses don't need to worry about shelling out huge money for a TV ad placement. A well thought out online video is more cost efficient and effective!

Invest time and energy into building strong video content. Your return on investment will be worth it!

All my best,