Inspiration for Your Posts

We have all had it (and I don't mean the flu). Some days, I'd rather have chicken pox than a bad case of writer's block. The social media world is fast-moving, and it's important to be continually creating new content for your consumers.

For those days when the blinking cursor seems to be mocking you, here are some places to start:

Utilize Your Expertise

People LOVE how-to articles! So show off your cultured knowledge in your field of work and create an interesting how-to piece. It is a great way to establish credibility, boost sharing and increase unique page views (that hopefully becomes new customers!)

Another great way to utilize your know-how in your posting is to review or compare products. Think about it ... you have probably searched for an informed opinion on a camera or car. People unfamiliar with your business' field will be thrilled to turn to you for your opinion. 

Answer Readers' Questions

You have been asked why you started your knitting business so many times you want to wear a permanent sign on your shirt. How about an online post? Use your social media pages to answer the questions and inquiries that are frequently asked. 

Want to take it a step further? Host an online Q&A or AMA! Social Media is all about bridging the divide between you and your customers. What better way to show you care than to invite them to ask you questions? 

Stay True to Your Mission

Every small business has a mission statement -- a reason they exist. To spread the love of books; to give the gift of fashion sense; to help new parents keep their babies safe ... whatever your mission, re-focus on it. Then think of ways you can promote that mission. Think about why you care about your field of work.

There is a wealth of stories behind all of your small businesses. I can't wait to read them.