Choosing the Best Social Media Platform

There are many different social media platforms that are popular with online users. Twitter and Facebook are two common platforms that likely have the highest concentration of your target demographics. But there are many other channels to explore! Instagram might be less popular overall, but more popular with your audience.

It's important to identify the social media networks that best suit your small business' mission, so you can focus your energy where it counts.

When choosing the right social media platforms:

Understand the Differences

Each social media platform was developed with a unique purpose. They do their best to distinguish themselves from other platforms and it's important to understand the purpose when deciding if it's a good fit.

Twitter's primary purpose is to share breaking news, updates and content on a live feed. Facebook's purpose is to build relationships and positive reputations. Instagram's purpose is the sharing of photo and video content.

Identify the Users

Make sure you are choosing the platforms that will reach your intended demographic. It's pretty simple: If your small business is meant for people in rural areas, Pinterest and Facebook would be the best platforms to focus on; Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn might not be worth your time. Check out the statistics and make an informed decision.

Budget Your Time

Social media is just that -- social. Connect with your audience in a personal and genuine way. Encourage two-way communication to build brand loyalty. Each platform requires different time commitments for regular interaction. 

To stay relevant on Facebook, one post per day is more than enough. But an influential Twitter account requires at least three posts per day. If you don't have the time or energy to keep up with your social media accounts, consider hiring an expert. A poorly run social media account can do harm to your brand image. Choose your social media strategy wisely!

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