The Future of Social Media

Welcome to 2016! Social media technology has been accelerating greatly, and this year is positioned to be no exception. From virtual reality to accessibility for disabilities, there are a few trends to keep your eye on. Here is what we'll be watching this year: 

Virtual Reality

Facebook rolled out its 360 video capabilities in September. They hope to further improve the technology and make it more accessible to users by incorporating Oculus virtual reality technology. Expect to see 360 video used more frequently by friends and family.

Social Media Shopping

As Americans, we love finding new ways to spend our money! Why go to a web page when we can get all of our shopping done on the social media sites we use all the time? We expect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow the lead of Pinterest shopping.

Live Streaming

Nothing says entertainment like watching people live on live-streams. Up to 70 people watched live footage of Martin Shkreli, the infamous pharmaceutical executive, on YouTube and (a platform used by video game players). Facebook recently rolled out its live-stream capabilities, and we expect other big players to follow suit. 

Accessibility for Disabilities

Facebook employs a small team of engineers dedicated to making the social networking site useable for everyone. The team works on creating new technologies for the existing site as well as ensuring the rest of the company keeps accessibility in mind moving forward. It's an exciting trend that other social media sites will notice.

Photo: Connor Radnovich, The San Francisco Chronicle

Photo: Connor Radnovich, The San Francisco Chronicle

Social media has always been build around the user. I'm excited to watch social media evolves in 2016 to increase the diversity of users and technology.