Cicero Media is a content creation firm specializing in content design and social media strategy. We work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and authors to develop their voice and deepen their online presence. We create, curate and design the distribution of content via strategic roadmaps crafted to meet our clients' goals.


we offer these Services

Social Media Strategy //

If you want to differentiate your brand from all the others, it is important to embrace storytelling. We design a strategy and implement it on the social media channels we collective decide on.

Content Design //

We design a strategic roadmap to help you meet your business goals, which includes methods for distribution and implementation of content. We consult, create and circulate your content on your behalf.

Content Creation //

Before a single word is written, we become a student of your unique voice and ideas. We seek opportunities to best express your concepts and assume your voice when transmitting your ideas to new channels. 

Author Services //

We work with new authors to design a social media and content strategy in anticipation of the release of a book. We create a plan that runs six months prior to the book release and continues for another six months after, all the while implementing the content creation and distribution on our clients' behalf.

Ghost Writing //

You have the ideas, we have the resources and know-how to put them on paper (or in the digital sphere). If you want to author a weekly blog, publish a book or write a monthly magazine column, we can do it for you.